Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder Review

7.5 Total Score
Small but efficient shredder.

The Aurora AS610C is a cross cut shredder that’s small and efficient, featuring a ShredSafe safety feature that safely shuts off power when a foreign object is detected in the feed.

  • Shreds credit cards
  • ShredSafe Safety Shut Off
  • Shreds some paper clips and staples
  • Inexpensive
  • Light and quiet
  • Small viewing window
  • Short run time
  • Small bin capacity
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The Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is an all-around average shredder, best for the occasional or rare user. At £28.50, it’s definitely one of the more affordable machines, and you can be rest assured that you are neither paying too much or too little for what you receive.

The Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder reduces your papers into pieces of 5 by 47 mm, which is a P3 level of security. It’s a cross cut, instead of a strip cut, affording you with more security and privacy for your sensitive materials.

It claims to take up to 6 sheets of paper, but the manufacturer does warn that this amount is with a paper thickness of 75 gsm. Typically, you can expect most at-home shredders to have trouble with a thicker quality of paper, particularly if you’re trying to shred more than one. Users have noted that around 2 or 3 sheets of paper works best, and anything more and the shredder will reduce in speed.

This shredder is on the smaller side of the scale, measuring at 18.4 cm by 32.5 cm by 36.1 cm, and weighing just 3.7 kg when empty. It’s the perfect size to tuck away on your desk, shelf, or anywhere else inconspicuous, and can be shifted around with ease. The power cable is around 140 cm, which isn’t very long, so you may need an extension cord. Otherwise, the shredder will need to sit near the outlet, which may be annoying to deal with.

The bin itself holds up to 14 litres, which isn’t much, but is just the right size for a low maintenance machine. There’s a sliver of a viewing window, which is just barely big enough to see into the contents of the bin. It’s not very big though, and at such a disconcertingly small size, it may be better to just lift the lid when checking the level of paper waste. A lot of other shredders tend to be top heavy, but the Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is light enough to lift easily, plus, there’s an integrated handle for you to grab on.

Although this machine is lightweight, it does have enough oomph to crunch up a credit card (one at a time, mind you), and the occasional small paperclip or staple. Don’t go abusing this, and do try to remove larger bits of metal from your stacks.

The Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder has a relatively short operation time of 2 minutes, followed by a cool down time of approximately 20 minutes. This, paired with its less than 6 sheet input capability, results in a rather restricted workload. However, it should be perfect for someone who shreds one or two sheets of paper occasionally, while sifting through paperwork or sorting through mail.

This machine also features the ShredSafe safety shut off, which immediately cuts off the power when a foreign object is detected in the feed. The adjustable safety cover can also be closed while the shredder is not in use, keeping fingers away from blades. There’s no lock, however, to prevent the shredder from accidental activation, so it’s not the most child friendly machine.

Another positive trait of the Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is the relatively low noise operation, which is around 65 decibels. Most shredders average at around 75 decibels, making this machine one of the quieter ones. It’s important to note that the shredder becomes much, much noisier when it’s chewing up one of your bank cards, so don’t be alarmed or affronted when this happens. Most shredders will emit quite a bit of noise when shredding something thicker and harder than ordinary paper.

Overall, the Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is a fairly decent shredder that is ideal for a low amount of paper and light use; this is not the right machine for heavy workloads. This shredder is quieter than most, which can be a boon if you dislike noise. It’s smaller than most others on the market, and fairly light, so carrying it around shouldn’t be a problem. This is particularly important when emptying the bin, which has a removable top with an integrated handle.

The Aurora can only shred less than 6 sheets of paper at a time – any more than 6 sheets of paper and any longer than 2 minutes, and it will overheat and shut down. The wait time is short, though, so you won’t have to wait too long before using it again.

The most notable feature of the Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is the ShredSafe safety shut off, which immediately cuts the power when it detects a foreign object, like your hand, in the slot. Jams shouldn’t be an issue if you stick to the parameters, but if you do get one, just use the reverse function to get the paper unstuck. If it’s beyond help, there’s a 1 year guarantee.

Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with Waste Bin

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