Fellowes Powershred 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder Review

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Could this be the best paper shredder?

The Fellowes Powershred 62MC reduces your paper into micro cut particles during a consecutive run time of 7 minutes. Clearly a customer favorite, this machine does good work.

  • Very quiet
  • Run time of 7 minutes
  • High security level
  • 19 litre bin
  • Accepts staples, paperclips, credit cards
  • Safety Lock
  • Expensive
  • Cool down lasts an hour
  • Heavy
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The Fellowes PowerShred 62Mc Micro Cut Shredder is a powerful shredder, reducing piles of paper into micro cut dust. It’s definitely on the pricey side of things, costing about £101.99 on Amazon and £149.99 on Curry’s, but, as the old adage goes, you do get what you pay for. Whether or not it’s worth the expense is entirely up to you, and I’m here to help you make that decision.

The PowerShred 62Mc is ideal for relatively large volumes of confidential paperwork. This machine shreds each sheet of A4 sized paper into over 2000 particles, at a size of 3 by 10 mm per piece; that’s a security level of p4.

Not only does it reduce your sensitive information to little bits of dust, it runs for a fairly long time too. The run time is an astounding 7 minutes, which is quite long in terms of personal shredders, which often max out at around 5 minutes. The downside to the longer run time, however, is the longer cool down period, which can last up to an hour. Still, this Fellowes machine is pretty quick, so you may be able to finish a big load before it’s time for a rest. The PowerShred 62Mc shreds at a speed of 2.74 metres per minute, and has an automatic stop and start function that expedites the entire process. There is however a Safety Lock for when your shredder is not in use, to help you avoid accidental activation.

The Fellowes PowerShred 62Mc Micro Cut Shredder is a hardy shredder, and it’s sizable too – 26.5 cm length, 34.9 cm width, and 47.6 cm height. When empty, the PowerShred 62Mc is a whopping 11 kg. It’s a rather heavy machine for home use, but does have wheels when you need to move it about.

The bin itself contains up to 19 litres, which is a pretty large amount. You may be worried about overfilling the shredder, but there’s no need, as there’s an indicator that lets you know when the bin is full and ready to be emptied. Plus, there’s a viewing window so that you can monitor the level of waste in the bin before it becomes too full.

For disposal, all you need to do is open the drawer. This is good for two things: one, it makes cleaning up super easy, and two, you won’t have to lug around this heavy, 11 kg shredder to and from your recycling. If you do want it closer to your rubbish bin, all you need to do is wheel it over.

Every good shredder should have a reverse function in case of the occasional jam, and the Fellowes PowerShred 62Mc Micro Cut Shredder is no different. However, users have noted that it’s less likely to jam than other cross cut or strip cut shredders, as the pieces are so small. Nonetheless, it is important to practice proper shredding techniques to reduce potential jams as much as possible. For instance, don’t put off emptying the bin for too long, as a bin past capacity can force the paper back up into the blades, making for a rather annoying clog.

This machine also accepts staples, paperclips, and credit cards, but not all at once, mind you. The specs claim the ability to accept up to 10 sheets of paper at a time, although most would beg to differ. Still, this shredder still takes quite a bit in one go and should be able to handle most if not all personal shredding projects.

At just 65 decibels, the Fellowes PowerShred 62Mc Micro Cut Shredder is one of the quietest shredders out there. The majority of at home shredders tend to average at about 70 or 75 decibels, which is equivalent to a vacuum cleaner. In comparison, this Fellowes machine practically operates at a whisper.

All in all, the Fellowes PowerShred 62Mc Micro Cut Shredder is a great option for individual users who want the highest security for their at-home shredding needs. Not only does it reduce paper into confetti, but it does so at astonishing speed and volume. It is heavy, but wheels assist with moving the machine along the floor, and the drawer makes it so that you do not have to lift the bin to empty the contents.

For its size, this shredder is remarkably quiet, which is interesting to note since it does do a lot of work in a little bit of time. The cool down period of 60 minutes might be excessive to some, but when paired with a run time of 7 minutes, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to finish everything at once.

The Fellowes PowerShred 62Mc Micro Cut Shredder is expensive for home use, but is very good at what it’s made for.

Fellowes Powershred 62MC

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