Rexel Auto+ 60X Cross Cut Shredder Review

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Perfect for moderate home use

The Rexel Auto+ 60X is a bulk shredder for individual, at home use. It features an auto feed and a manual feed, giving you the option to do both if you so choose.

  • Quiet
  • Capable of large loads
  • Auto feed
  • No wheels; heavy
  • Frequently overheats
  • Paper needs to be perfect for auto feed to work
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The Rexel Auto+ 60X is perfect for moderate home use. If you’re one to leave all your shredding work until later, this may be just the machine for you.

The recommended retail price is around £164, which is pretty pricy, but is discounted by nearly half the price at £99.99 on Amazon. Why the huge discount? Well, we’ll get to that later.

The Rexel Auto+ boasts a 60 sheet capacity. How does it accomplish this? There are two different ways to shred with this machine. One is a manual feed slot, which can handle up to 5 sheets at a time. The other mechanism is what’s featured: the auto feed compartment. You load the paper into the compartment, close the lid, and walk away. Simple as that. It has a noise level of < 60 DbA, which is rather quiet considering the fact that the Auto+ 60X reduces a single sheet of A4 paper into 200 pieces.

There are setbacks to this seemingly convenient set up though. The specs state a 60 sheet capacity, but it accepts a little less (as do most, if not all, shredders). That’s still quite a bit of paper, but the auto feed mechanism is also rather finicky, and conditions must be perfect in order for it to work. You can only place unfolded and uncreased A4 sized papers of regular width into the compartment. Anything too thick or too thin could jam the wheels. If you keep your paperwork nice and tidy, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this. However, it’s still rather limiting when considering all the different sorts of paper that needs to be shredded.

Another downside to the large auto feed is the operation time, which can run up to eight minutes; it’s a decent run time, but not when dealing with nearly 60 papers at once. This shredder works rather slowly, so it won’t be able to go through a full load before it needs to take a rest. Thankfully, it does start up again once it’s had its nap, so you won’t need to constantly watch over it, which would defeat the purpose of the “stack, shut, done” model that Rexel advertises for the Auto+ 60X.

The Rexel Auto+ is large, at 43 cm deep, 35 high, and 29 cm wide. When empty, it weighs 8 kg. Moving this thing isn’t very easy, as it is pretty heavy and there are no wheels to help assist with the weight. Thankfully, it does have a pullout drawer, so there’s no need to lug it to the bin every time it needs to be emptied.

The pullout drawer also features a little window so that you can monitor the capacity. The bin holds up to 15 litres, but as some have observed, it’s not enough for one full load, even when considering one load should be less than the promised 60 sheet capacity. Alas, this isn’t the case, and you must empty the bin before your full load is finished, so you will have to monitor the amount of shreds the shredder produces from time to time.

This machine is capable of taking small staples, paper clips, and credit cards, but only through the manual feed slot. As mentioned before, the auto feed is pretty picky with the stuff it consumes. The manual feeder works well enough, but I couldn’t find the exact run time and cooling period for the manual feeder specifically. Whether the manual feeder is better than another is up to debate.

There’s a manual reverse feature that helps with blockages, which can help if and when you find yourself in a bit of a jam (pun intended). As mentioned earlier, it’s very important to empty the bin before it reaches full capacity, as this will help you avoid any paper jams or spillage.

Side note: the cable length is rather short. It’s only 90 cm, which will require an extension cord in most cases.

Overall, this is decent shredder, but falls short of its promises. It’s best for those of you who don’t want to bother with feeding a shredder manually. This would be best for people who are too busy to do the occasional bulk shredding job, and can’t devote too much time to babysitting a shredder while it works through its load. You do need to check in on it once in a while, however, so you can’t walk away and completely forget about it like Rexel may have you believe.

Back to the discounted price – isn’t it obvious? This shredder is cool in theory, but lacking in practice. The Rexel Auto+ 60X goes slow and steady, and whether or not it will win the race is up to your personal lifestyle and what you’re willing to put up with.

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